How to Replicate the Einstein Opportunity Score field on other Objects Related to Opportunity


The Einstein Opportunity Score field that comes with the Sales Cloud Einstein license has been highly useful for me as I prioritize what to work on in List Views. As a specialist at Salesforce, most of my day to day work is done on objects related to the Opportunity and unfortunately the score is not accessible to put on another object out of the box. To complicate things further, as you try to use the Opportunity.IqScore field, it takes you down a black hole that might require coffee to get out of so this is an attempt to prevent you from having to do the same!


On the related object where you want to replicate the Einstein opportunity score, create a custom formula of type number (no precision decimals needed) and paste the following snippet in there:


Note: make sure this field is shared with the Analytics Cloud integration user, security user, and any other Profile where you think it'd be useful.

Now your end users can go into any of their list views, and choose to Select a field to add to the list view and choose “Einstein Opportunity Score” or whatever you chose to name your new field. Then they can use this field to sort or group their Kanban on as you can see in the picture:

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